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Hi there, it´s Roland Kranz, Internet Marketer from germany.

In this small case study, I  will show you how I added 87K email subscribers to my list within 7 days - for a tiny fraction of costs I would have had if I had bought Solo Ads or any other paid traffic source.

I did it with the help of a program called My Lead Gen Secret.

Basically it is an email advertising platform that provides you with 100 fresh and unique email leads per day . the leads are all from T1 contries (US and Canada mostly) and are interested in making money online and business opportunities  and consented to receive emails with offers from partners.

Also, MLGS has an inbuilt mailing system, that you can use to email your offers and affiliate links to  your leads. 

So you receive 100 email Leads per day into your dashboard , and they keep adding up so you will have 3000 leads to mail to at the end of your first month, and so forth. It will even top up to 200 leads per day, if you refer another person into MLGS.

MLGS is not free but it cost only $30 per month plus a one-time setup fee of $30,  so its really a tiny investment…

Roland , you said 87,991 Leads within a week ??

Yes :) I received them as a BONUS as I joined the program and you will receive a similar amount too, if you decide to join MLGS through the button below !

I am member of a private Facebook group of  3000 MLGS members, and inside this group we swap our leads every friday.  If you decide to sign up through my link, I will bring you into the group and as soon as you participate in your first swap you will receive all leads that were send in (usually thats 80K to 150K leads, depending on how many members participated). We will also teach you how to clean and  upload the leads into a self hosted autoresponder (which will cost a fraction of getresponse or aweber).

I´d recommend you participate in the swap every friday, so you can even add thousands leads more.

I have added a couple of other videos and testimonials from other members, so take your time to watch the videos !

If you decide on signing up through this link, please contact me personally on Facebook so I can can make sure that you get your 187K bonus leads.

And besides getting  100 fresh email Leeds each and every day AND the 87,000 bonus leads within your first week, anyone can earn residual income by promoting MLGS itself very easily.

It pays out commissions 5 levels deep and that means : 

let's say for example that you referred 10 people into the system... you will earn $5 residually for each person.

That makes $50 residually per month for you. 

Lets say these 10 people referred 10 people each themselves,  then you will earn $4 for every referral of your referral, which means another $400 per month residually for you. 

Lets say all of those referred 10 people, too... then you will earn $3 per person they referred, and that makes an additional $3,000 residually for you.... :)

Sign up know and I´ll share with you my best strategies and I´ll even set up a custom landing page just like this for you.


If you have any questions,  connect with me on Facebook !

Take care,

Roland Kranz

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I will personally help you to have success with this !

All the best!

Roland Kranz

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